Using ES6 and ES7 in the Browser, with Babel 6 and Webpack

This guide is part of The Complete Guide to ES6 with Babel 6 series. If you’re having trouble upgrading to Babel 6, start with Six Things You Need To Know About Babel 6.

The Babel CLI is great for compiling ES6 to ES5 on a file-by-file basis. However, when Babel encounters an import statement, it outputs a require call – which won’t get you very far in the browser.

To make our Babel output browser friendly, we’ll need to bundle it. My favourite tool for this is Webpack, and as it happens, Webpack has great Babel support through babel-loader

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The Road To 100 Signups

This year, I had a fuck this moment. I decided that I want to be able to do something interesting with my life. And with the help of 30×500, I actually started working towards it.

To me, “doing something interesting with my life” means making things people love. In my position, the most immediate way I can achieve this is by writing about the Web – it is the thing I’ve spent the most hours of my life doing, and I care possibly a little too much about making it better.

But enough being serious – the real reason I’m writing this is that 100 signups is the best excuse I’ll get to look back at what went well, what didn’t, and how to improve things. And to show you lots of pretty graphs!

And since it’s that kind of article, I’m going to put the meat before the veggies and start with:

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